Litium launches app cloud for smoother integrations & increased scalability

Litium are proud to present our latest innovation - Litium App Cloud. With the launch of the app cloud, we take another step forward in increasing scalability, reducing operational costs, and accelerating time-to-market for our customers. This is achieved by simplifying and streamlining the integration process for businesses and their partners, with a new modular architecture that enables faster response to new business opportunities while saving time and costs for Litium's customers.

App cloud is the latest addition to our product portfolio and represents the next step in our commitment to serverless cloud services that began in 2023. The service is aimed at our customers using Litium Commerce Cloud and allows them to easily add new features to the platform, alike a marketplace but with greater flexibility. Integrating an app with Litium has never been smoother.

The goal of this service is to provide our customers and implementation partners with the ability to create their own services and products packaged as apps within the Litium platform. This means that customers no longer need to engage different hosting providers, significantly reducing complexity and providing clearer support pathways.

In today's complex e-commerce environment, integrations with other systems are almost always necessary. This often involves the use of various connectors that require operation and maintenance. Customer-specific systems often require tailored solutions, and sometimes specialized expertise is needed to manage these applications, which can be a barrier. Additionally, the costs of running these applications in public clouds can be high, and the distributed operational environment can lead to degraded performance and difficulties in troubleshooting and maintenance.

"With App Cloud, Litium makes it easier for both customers and partners to add additional services to the platform. We also take full responsibility for the technology stack, which means customers no longer have to manage the operation of additional services themselves. Through Litium App Cloud, we eliminate the complexity that otherwise arises from using multiple different providers, which is common in modern system architecture," says Daniel Hultgren, COO at Litium.

Litium App Cloud offers a solution that eliminates the need for third-party hosting and enables both public and private Litium apps. By taking responsibility for operations and charging based on usage, we reduce both costs and hassle for our customers and partners. With everything running in the same cloud environment, response times decrease, and troubleshooting becomes much easier. Additionally, Litium CDN and Litium Insights are included, further improving performance, and providing insights to our users.

Litium app cloud increases the business value 

The launch of App Cloud is expected to increase the business value for customers, partners, and Litium. For customers, this means relief from managing multiple hosting providers and instead getting simpler, better-performing integrations specifically developed for the Litium platform. For partners, this means greater flexibility without having to modify the platform itself.

By bringing both private and public integrations and apps into Litium App Cloud, we simplify the management of integrations and keep them close to your solution. This leads to lower total operating costs and improved performance for our users. With our flexible payment model, you only pay for what you use, without fixed unnecessary fees.

"App Cloud simplifies and improves for customers, enabling them to reach their business goals faster and at lower costs than before. Partners get smoother tools, making them more efficient. We increase the value of the platform and open up for new revenue streams in the long run. We always strive for win-win-win in our product development, and here we really succeed," says Patrik Settlin, CEO of Litium.

With the launch of App Cloud, the first public app has also become available. The app integrates to an AI-solutin for automated product information and is developed together with the AI-company EnlinkAI. A significant advantage of this solution is the fast and high-quality production of product descriptions. EnlinkAI's AI solutions not only improve search engine optimization (SEO) but also increase conversions and customer satisfaction. You can read more about this news here.

With Litium App Cloud, we take integrations to the next level and make it easier than ever for our customers and partners to succeed with the digitalization. Litium App Cloud is available since end of February for Litium's customers using Litium Commerce Cloud.

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