Why Litium?

A scalable e-commerce platform for companies aspiring online excellence

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Empowered by Litium

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Packaged flexibility

Litium offers both speed and flexibility by combining the best of two worlds. You get a highly packaged solution and rich functionality when you need a fast time-to-market and low risk. You also get significant flexibility to create unique customer experiences, go headless and do any kind of customization you need. We are not restricted SaaS and we are not open source – we are the best of these two worlds. 

If you aspire to growth, our modern cloud technology and globalization capabilities know virtually no limits. We call it limitless ecommerce.


Benefits of Litium

Quickly get up to speed

Don't miss out on opportunities. With Litium, you get fast time-to-market.

B2B, B2C or B2B2C

From A to Z, Litium just works. We empower 200+ customers in B2B, B2C and everything in between.

High performance

The Litium platform handles large volumes, loads and sales peaks, so you can grow with ease.

Composable commerce

The choice is yours: a platform with integrated PIM and CMS, or headless if you prefer.

Total Cost of Ownership

Minimize operating costs and re-platforming time. Litium gives you lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Easily add new markets

Be where your customers are. Litium offers you the flexibility to easily add new channels and markets.

Secure maximum uptime

This is a reliable cloud platform; everything you need is in one place, with high availability and redundancy.

Grow as a customer

We aim to empower our customers to outperform the competition. In other words, we’ll be there for you – always.

Create a customer experience that stands out

Does your customer deserve the best? Let’s create an experience that gets you noticed. Tell your story digitally and get your customers engaged in your brand.

Expand your business globally

Do you want to expand into new markets? Litium gets you where you need to go. Our customers sell in more than 150 markets, from Stockholm to Tokyo to New York.

Grow without limits

Are volumes growing fast? With Litium, you can handle large volumes, so you can focus on your business. We'll help you carry the load.

Common questions

We know you have a lot of questions when choosing your platform. That's why we have collected the most common questions that we get from companies in the same situation:

TCO is the total cost for an investment, considering hidden costs beyond price and giving you a value for the whole product throughout its lifetime. Litium offers a low TCO, reducing operating costs and re-platforming time.
Yes. With Litium, you can choose to go headless or to use integrated PIM and CMS.
Litium offers an attractive, scalable pay-as-you-grow model.

Are you interested in our platform?

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If you are a partner to Litium you can contact our support directly at support@litium.com