Litium Accelerator 

Give your business a head start 


A storefront built for speed, simplicity and growth

The storefront Accelerator reduces time to market by using best practices from leading companies in the industry. It simplifies the process of creating a great customer experience and makes it possible to decrease implementation times and maintenance costs. 

Best practices

Based on the success factors from leading companies. Don’t spend time starting from scratch – the Accelerator lets you focus on your business! 

Total cost of ownership

A foundation based on standard components minimizes maintenance and reduces upgrade costs over time.

Full flexibility

100 % source code, giving you full creativity to tailor the customer experience. 

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Why Litium Accelerator?


Enables speed in projects by using ready-made functional components as well as back-end logic to maintain performance in high-load scenarios. You'll simply need less development to get started.


Why Litium Accelerator?

Tailor-made customer experience

Get going quickly, and evolve to the perfect customer experience at your own pace. Enjoy 100 % front-end flexibility to create the customer experience that you want.

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Why Litium Accelerator?

Reduce risk

Standard components reduce risk. Today's environment is changing rapidly, with increasing complexity and competition. To keep your competitive edge and take advantage of business opportunities, it’s important to be fast and flexible and to understand the changing needs of your customers.


Why Litium Accelerator?

Total cost of ownership

As you build your foundation on standard components, you minimize maintenance and lower your upgrade costs over time, resulting in an improved total cost of ownership (TCO).


We solve the problem

Don’t start your e-commerce project from scratch – get quick access to standard components that cover all your basic needs. Our Accelerator storefront is based on knowledge and best practices from leading companies in the industry. 

  • Litium’s smart packaging gives us what we need to gear up our digital business in a one-stop shop. The the Accelerator with the possibility for a quick start made it even easier to choose this solution. Together with Litium, we’re aiming to create the best web shop in the industry.

    – Jens Karlsson, Marketing Manager, BE Group

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