Litium Personalization

Tailor-made customer experiences

Convert visitors into buying customers

Customers’ expectations are always increasing. To be relevant, you need to make sure that your company makes each customer experience personal. You need to actively present relevant offers in all channels. If customers can’t find or aren’t offered what they need, they’ll go elsewhere. All companies need to tailor personalized experiences for customers by presenting relevant offers and content and convert visitors into buying customers. 

Product recommendations

Increase sales and improve the customer experience by recommending the most relevant offers.

Product merchandising & categories

Some of the features in this functionality set include pricing and products-per-customer-group for B2B.


A personalized conversation increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Litium Personalization also gives you;

Personalized content

Personalized landing pages are created by setting blocks to be shown only to certain customer segments. Litium gives you many built-in features to work with personalized offers. These features are flexible and can be tailored to customer needs.


Litium Personalization also gives you;


Litium offers out-of-the-box support for comprehensive and advanced campaign planning and configuration. Our offer supports all phases from planning to execution for profitable growth. Read more on our page, “Campaigns for growth”.



Litium offers an advanced search framework with all essential features for search and filtering. This includes searches on content, products, and categories, as well as fuzzy search to increase the user experience. The Litium Search feature also offers search facets for advanced product filters, dynamic facets for advanced product filters, synonym handling and sorting.

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