Fast and flexible with headless

With Litium headless commerce backend and frontend is separated enabling faster development iterations. This makes it easier for you to react to new business needs and build unique customer experiences.

1. Your unforgettable brand

Liberating frontend from backend dependencies enables quick and frequent frontend releases to stay on top of competitors by delivering unforgettable brand and customer experiences.

2. Future-proof

The world is in constant change. With headless commerce you add a layer of flexibility making yourself more ready to adapt quickly to new needs. New presentation layers and frontend technologies can be added on top of the backend that will serve them all.

3. Agile teams

With headless commerce it is easier for your development teams to work with shorter development iterations without frontend and backend dependencies. Separating the roles of frontend and backend developers makes it easier to recruit new specialized roles and scale your teams. Our modern technical frameworks will also attract new talent.

Let the innovation start.

Case: Didriksons


Jump start headless with Litium accelerator

Get a head start with the Litium React accelerator built on Next.JS and the latest frontend technologies. All basic pages and components to get development started quickly.

Headless - Q&A

With Litium as your e-commerce platform, you can go headless from the start or whenever you like.

Headless separates the frontend and the backend. This reduces dependencies between the two leading to faster development iterations.
Headless enables faster development iterations speeding up development in both frontend and backend. Headless also allows the flexibility to quickly adapt to new needs. You future-proof your commerce.
For a fast time to market we recommend the Litium React accelerator which is headless and communicates 100% via APIs to the Litium platform.

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