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The leading platform for Wholesalers, Manufacturers and Brands

Meet your customer demand

All core capabilities for successful B2B solutions, to manage, promote and sell. True flexibility to create a tailored experience and to integrate with multiple systems. Limitless commerce for B2B.

24/7 customer self-service

Order, reorder and customer organization management. Advanced and customizable search and filter. Product recommendations of accessory and spare parts. Buyer roles and adaptable purchase flow.

Work efficiently

Easy-to-use CMS, drag n drop blocks and time publishing. Seamless PIM workflows, and products to multiple channels. Strong data modelling for detailed and complex product information.

Manage complexity

Multi markets, languages, currencies and channels. Customer unique assortments. Flexible price lists and inventory. Tier pricing for bulk sales.


Report – Nordic Digital Commerce in B2B 2024

For the 8th year in a row, Litium is publishing a survey with the aim of mapping how Nordic B2B companies work and see digital commerce.  The study was conducted during January 2024 and is based on responses from 932 qualified respondents in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland through a digital survey.


For Manufacturers

With Litium, you can help and support your customers 24/7, regardless of market or how complex your products and services are.

For Wholesalers

Litium help you as a wholesale company to meet buyers' digital requirements. Simplify your work and secure your sales and growth.

For Brands

The right offer to the right person. With our scalable e-commerce platform, you can build a strong brand in all markets and in all channels.

Guide: The B2B Commerce Maturity Ladder

What stage in the digitization journey is your company in?

Product web

Launching your product catalogue online, easily managed with Litium PIM and CMS, giving your customers up-to-date assortment, prices and product specifications. Gain internal efficiency, customer satisfaction and new customer opportunities.

B2B Commerce

Enabling full scale digital commerce, meeting customer’s demand for 24/7 self-service to brows your assortment, order, reorder and interact. Gear your sales force with a digital sales tool, making the customer interaction always-on.

End-to-end solutions

Take advantage of smartly packaged, best practise solutions, still with full flexibility. Seamless integrations between Litium and other core systems such as ERP and CRM, benefiting all parts of your organization.


Of B2B-buyers start their research online


Of the buying process is due prior to engaging with sales


Of B2B-buyers prefers online self-service to order and reorder

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