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Product information management to boost and accelerate your business 

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Make your products shine on the digital shelf

Create a single brand experience, regardless of time and place. Structure, visualize and make your products shine on the digital shelf, no matter which channels you use to sell. 

Simplified product handling

Streamline internal work with an easy-to-use interface. And avoid the cost of integrating to an external PIM.

Improved customer experience

Help your customers to find the right product with relevant information. Create a great brand experience, regardless of channel, with recommended products.

Increased sales

Enjoy increased conversion and sales with engaging product presentations and up-sell and cross-sell capabilities.

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4 benefits with our PIM

1. Real-time automations
Present automated product selections for customers based on real-time information. 

2. Easy media management with smooth workflows 
Integrated media management (DAM) gives you support for smooth and automated enrichment flows – cutting time-to-market and reducing manual work. 

3. Integrated price management 
Manage prices for variants, customer-unique prices, tier pricing and bundle prices. With all product information handled from one place, duplication of work decreases and quality increases. 

4. Smart publishing in all channels 
Easily publish the right offer with the right information, to the right audience, in the right channels – in the e-commerce storefront, marketplaces, social media and other presentation layers.


Standalone or full suite ​

Litium PIM can be used standalone or integrated into our full e-commerce suite.

Unlock the full potential of your operations with Litium PIM. Whether you need a complete e-commerce solution or just a standalone PIM you can use our PIM in any desired way.​

While Litium provides a comprehensive platform containing CMS, PIM, and E-commerce , our commitment lies in granting our customers unparalleled flexibility. With Litium's PIM standalone capability, you have the freedom to construct your own composable tech stack, ready for seamless integration with any CMS or E-commerce platform available.​

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Why do you need PIM?  

PIM simplifies and streamlines product management by methodically structuring and visualizing the company’s products for your digital commerce. It includes the work of packaging promotional offers, setting up connections as a base for recommended related products, managing local language variants and adapting the range for different markets. 

Read more about 3 advantages to use a PIM.

Download our PIM-guide

Are you curious and want to know more about PIM? Here you find the ultimate guide:

  • Thanks to PIM, we can get our products out on new channels, in a new language and without delay. We couldn’t be more pleased.

    – Måns Hammarbäck, Operational Developer at Tapwell

Enrich your products with PIM

A prerequisite for being able to market and sell products digitally is that you can effectively enrich your products, for with example images, moving content, manuals and instructions. Inspiration is a must for customers today and often determines whether they’ll buy from you or someone else. 

Litium PIM converts your visitors into customers by giving you the ability to offer them all the information and inspiration they need.

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