Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting included

With Litium Commerce Cloud the hosting of the platform and your solution is included. This means that we take care of all hosting, which let’s you focus on your business. For most other platforms you will need to buy the hosting of your storefront and your solution from a separate hosting provider. With Litium, we take care of everything, so you can focus on your business.


  • Hosting included: The Litium platform, your customized storefront and any integrations will run in Litium cloud.
  • One provider: Get rid of the hassle with multiple hosting providers sharing the responsibility of your business-critical online business. 


At Litium we have over a decade of experience in hosting high demanding business critical online businesses. 

Litium will never be the bottleneck for your growth, whether you grow by number of products, visitors, brands or markets.

We are proud to see how our customers have grown from millions to billions in revenue in the Litium platform. And they keep growing.

With Litium there is no limit to how many stores or brands you can setup in the same installation, no limit to how many countries, sales channels or markets you can target, no geographical limitations and no limit to how many simultaneous campaigns you can run. And these are just a few examples of the scalable architecture of Litium.

Automatic scaling with a serverless architecture

For many businesses there are periods where sales differ periodically. When there are sales peaks, it is important that the system can scale up with necessary resources to manage the number of visitors with an intact user experience including quick response times and page loads. And when there are calmer periods, the system should be able to scale down and you should not need to pay for any unused resources.

Thanks to a serverless architecture, Litium scales up and down automatically, and you only need pay for the necessary resources to meet the user expectations of your customers.


  • Automatic scaling
  • Pay only for what you use

"This winter and especially the Christmas season demonstrated how important it is to have a stable platform with built-in-flexibility. We were able to quickly scale up the entire environment to meet demand, which allowed us to handle all the traffic without compromising the user experience."

- Niklas Dahlros, Business Developer E-commerce at Vinga


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