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Grow your digital business with speed and flexibility


Fast and flexible ecommerce 

Build engaging customer experiences and scale your business and performance seamlessly and globally in a flexible cloud platform. 

Enjoy faster time-to-market with ready-made integrations to all essential systems, rich out-of-the-box functionality with native PIM, CMS and campaign management, flexible APIs to go headless. Or set up a composable tech stack, and an optional storefront with Litium Accelerator to move your business online in record time.



Get up to speed with ready-made integrations, a storefront Accelerator, and PIM and CMS as native products. 



Grow your business and move into new markets with an advanced framework for campaigns and globalization, so you can manage sales and marketing in multiple markets, countries and channels.



Flexible platform

100 % flexibility to build the perfect customer experience in the storefront. Superb flexibility in business logic, such as pricing rules and data modeling.  


Why Litium ecommerce?

1. Easy integrations

Modern APIs and ready-made connectors. If you need a custom integration, Litium provides open APIs built with modern technologies.

2. High performance

Run multiple campaigns during high-peak periods, with maintained site speed. Our platform is built to handle large volumes, loads and sales peaks.

3. Modern technology

Litium uses modern technologies and frameworks so that our partners can best serve your needs – completely on your own terms with your partner of choice.  

4. Time-to-market

Our storefront Accelerator helps ensure a fast time-to-market process, with ready-made integrations and PIM and CMS as optional native products.  

5. Growth

Expand to new markets rapidly with an advanced globalization framework to manage your sales and marketing in multiple channels, countries and markets.  

6. Composable plattform

An overall flexible platform and modern APIs make a great fit with other systems in your tech stack. If you prefer, go headless and integrate easily with other systems.

Gear up

Set the right priorities. Digitalize your offer, take market share, reduce costs and increase profit, while expanding the array of technical solutions at your disposal and opportunities offered by new sales channels, such as marketplaces and social media. Litium provides the speed and flexibility companies need to succeed and grow their digital business.

Make your customer love you!

Build a brand and customer experience that attracts and converts visitors so you can turn your customers into loyal ambassadors for your brand.

Stay ahead of the game. Competition in the digital commerce world is fierce and growing stronger by the day. To keep pace, companies need to digitalize their offer, take market share, reduce costs and increase profit.

Scaling. Scale your online business to new markets without unmanageable costs.

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"The platform itself is flexible and has a stable core that Litium is constantly developing. The functionality of the platform can also be expanded when needed and offers quick access to new services that can help increase and control customer personalizations. When new functionality appears in the industry, you need to be ready. Flexibility becomes increasingly important."

Björn Carling, former CTO 
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