Litium Campaigns for growth 

Enable profitable growth

Successful campaigns

Drive sales with out-of-the-box support for advanced and comprehensive campaign planning. Manage all processes from planning to execution – so you can achieve profitable growth.  Of course, you can run as many parallell campaigns as you like.


Flexible and advanced campaign and discount configuration with performance that can handle multiple campaigns simultaneously under complex conditions.

Coordinate content

Coordinate the creation and completion of campaign content with merchandising from the CMS and product content from the PIM.

Cover it all

Handle the returns process with ease even when orders are linked to complex campaigns.

Orchestrate all aspects

Litium is the e-commerce platform that will allow you to run successful campaigns that drive profitable growth. With Litium, you can orchestrate all aspects of successful campaigns according to your audience, market, and channel, with the right content, pricing, and discount conditions – at scale. 

  • It was fantastic to see the interest this campaign generated and how quickly the perfume sold out. There were a huge number of people monitoring the perfume, and once it was released, the number of visits exceeded Black Friday levels

    – Julia Bergenstråhle, former E-Commerce Manager at NordicFeel

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