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Why Litium is your perfect match

With Litium, you can easily build a strong brand in all digital channels, on all markets, and still leverage your product assortment online. Litium’s platform is built to handle both a reseller channel and direct-to-consumer sales. You can plan and schedule your product launches and seasonal updates effectively in all channels. Keep all your customers updated with the same information by using our globalization framework and save time internally by having an efficient platform in place. 

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Litium insights

Report – Nordic Digital Commerce in B2B 2024

For the 8th year in a row, Litium is publishing a survey with the aim of mapping how Nordic B2B companies work and see digital commerce.  The study was conducted during January 2024 and is based on responses from 932 respondents in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland through a digital survey.

What do you want to do?

Build your brand

Build your brand in digital channels and stand out with your products. With 100 % flexibility and no lock-up, you can build the brand experience your customers expect. Litium’s PIM and CMS are built specifically for e-commerce and make it easy for you to handle content and product content smoothly. Make your products stand out by presenting and enriching the product information to help your customers find and choose the right product for their needs.

The right offer to the right person

Present automated product selections for customers based on real-time information. This includes everything from stock balances to customer behavior. This way, the right offers and products are presented for the right person in the right channel. If you have multiple sites and languages, PIM as a core helps you to distribute content in an easy way both to both retailers and customers. With Litium, you can also create and manage flexible and advanced campaigns and discount configuration, all at performance levels that can handle multiple campaigns simultaneously under complex conditions.

Add new geographical markets

Grow by adding new markets, reaching new customers and tailoring your online store to improve customer conversion. Through effective handling of your e-commerce platform, you'll reduce administration and increase speed and time-to-market. With Litium, you'll get a globalization framework that's easy to set up and configure with new channels, countries, and markets, including payment methods and multiple currencies, languages, and country-specific VAT groups.

Frequently asked questions

Here we've collected some of the most common questions:

Litium provides an integrated platform where everything you need is in one place (e-commerce, PIM and CMS). However, you can also go headless if you prefer.
With Litium you can choose any payment method you want. The globalization framework lets you easily set it up to suit your needs.
Litium offers an attractive, scalable, pay-as-you-grow model. Contact us to find out more.
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