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Why Litium is the perfect fit for wholesale

Litium helps you meet the increased digital demand from your customers. Create a site that is equally as good for returning customers who want support or make an order, as for a first-time customer that is searching for the right product. Use best practice components from leaders in the business, as well as  the flexibility to build an experience that makes your customers really happy.

Some of our clients

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What do you want to do?

Let’s go international

Facilitate international sales growth, reach new customers, and get the possibility to tailor the online store to improve customer conversion.  More efficient handling will reduce administrative workload and improve time-to-market. With Litium, you’ll get a globalization framework to easily set up and configure new channels, countries, and markets, including payment methods and multiple currencies, languages, and country-specific VAT groups. 

Build an exciting customer journey

Create the customer experiences you need to stand out with your products. With Litium, you can build exactly what you want because you’ll have 100% flexibility and no lock-up. Handle your content and product information smoothly with PIM and CMS built specifically for e-commerce. You can also go headless if you prefer, of course. With Litium PIM, you can stand out in the digital arena by presenting enriched product information that gets attention, so you can convert visitors into customers.

Simplify your work

Secure your sales and growth with Litium Cloud, a technically scalable platform with an uptime of 99.8%. Solve problems quickly when they arise. With Litium, you also enjoy low maintenance costs with connectivity and composable commerce through API with ready-made integrations. Reduce administrations and workload by using a storefront Accelerator that provides a faster time to market through use of best practices from leading companies in the industry.

Litium insights

B2B Commerce Maturity Ladder

Where are you on the maturity ladder? The B2B maturity ladder ranges from companies  that work with digital  marketing and have plans to digitalize their commerce, to companies with a full-blown data-driven e-commerce solution or a customer portal.

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