The Ultimate B2B Guide for digital commerce

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A complete guide to digital B2B commerce

This comprehensive guide navigates the dynamic landscape of B2B commerce, providing insights and practical advice across key areas:

  • Explore the digital B2B commerce fundamentals and the different business models for B2B.

  • Learn about the pillars of success and dives into internal efficiency, customer relationships, self-service tools, brand value, and sales growth as driving forces with associated opportunities.

  • Learn more about the customer acquisition, product experience, purchase experience, and service experience for an enhanced customer journey.

  • And how does it work with a digital experience without a buy-button, and what is the advantages with a direct to end-customer channel?

  • You also get tips on how you can start and succeed with a project, what to think about when choosing platform and we anticipate future trends and technologies.

And many more things.

Enhance your understanding of digital B2B commerce and position your business for success in the evolving marketplace. Download this guide now!👉