New e-commerce solution led to better customer experiences for B2B companies


Getting closer to our customers was a win from day one

Streckkod System and Applied Logistics, which are part of the same group, offer products and services for information management and automatic data acquisition. The companies required a modern platform to drive digital growth while at the same time creating better customer experiences. They have had various e-commerce solutions for a long time, which needed a significant upgrade.


Instead of continuing to develop the solutions, they combined both brands on the same platform – Litium Commerce Cloud. Briqpay, which specialises in digital sales within B2B, was chosen as the payment solution.

The digital commerce platform has now been live for a year and a half and is already showing results, such as:
●     increased customer insight by collecting all data in one place;
●     the possibility to create personalised customer experiences;
●     greater control over the customer journey; and 
●     increased internal efficiency.

“Offering self-service around the clock and getting closer to our customers was a win from day one,” says Christian Romero-Hamrin, CEO at Streckkod System and Applied Logistics.

The same solution for the two brands

Streckkod System and Applied Logistics have different types of target groups, but within the same segment. Both companies offer products and services in information management and automatic data collection. Streckkod System primarily focuses on small and medium-sized companies, while Applied Logistics focuses on larger companies. A unified solution was required for both brands to streamline the digital offering.

“With a common platform, we can create efficiency and expand the range in a simple way and get the products out in each channel. We now have a significantly better engine to create and update our pages with different messages. Simply a more modern content experience that is mobile-friendly and responsive,” says Christian.


Modern platform and a broad partner network

Switching e-commerce platforms is a big undertaking, with many parts that have to fall into place. That is why Streckkod System and Applied Logistics conducted a comprehensive market survey. They contacted several agencies, most of which referred to Litium's platform. Subsequently, some of Litium's customers were contacted and told them they were satisfied with the solution. Once in contact with the team at Litium, it was clear that they met the entire requirement specification.

“We wanted to create a modern platform, drive growth, and position the companies in a future-oriented way – something that Litium's platform provides the opportunity for. We also thought it was positive that they had a wide network of partners, which minimised the risks for our strategic journey, says Christian.

The ambition is for half of the revenue for each company to be generated via the platform.

Data-driven decisions lead to a better customer experience

With the new solution, they have gained significantly greater control over the customer journey. It is easier to gather information and follow up, something that facilitates the decision-making process. Among other things, they have integrated their business systems with Litium's platform and can thus make data-driven business decisions.

In addition to this, you also see how customers use the platform. For example, many choose to read about the products on their mobile devices and then complete their purchase on a computer. Being able to offer a seamless experience, regardless of device, is the key to increased customer satisfaction.

“We appreciate that it is easy to automate and personalise the content according to the visitor. For example, we can show the page in one way for new visitors and in another way for returning customers,” says Christian.

Streckkod System and Applied Logistics are currently creating unique customer experiences for their visitors. 

“We're not just after an order machine, but also a lead generator. This by providing a smart combination of good product information and content bank for our customers. One example is Streckkodsskolan (Barcode school), where you can learn everything about barcodes, says Christian.

The digital journey has only just begun

Streckkod System and Applied Logistics have long had a digital offering. However, the move to Litium Commerce Cloud and Litium's broad partner network has opened the door to many new opportunities.

Among other things, combining physical sales meetings with digital meetings and using insights from both to develop the business as a whole.

“Our products are quite technical and complex, so many customers appreciate an early contact in the customer journey. Regardless of whether the customer chooses to contact us via chat, email or phone, we must be available. Already, we see that more and more people are choosing the chat, even though we promote our phone number. The customers seem to appreciate all our different communication channels, says Christian.

Being available in all channels and continuing to adapt the offering is a decisive success factor. Therefore, it is essential to use a platform that supports everything from smart payment solutions for B2B to quickly establishing yourself in new markets and efficiently managing complex product flows.

“Litium has shown great commitment throughout the journey, and we feel very secure with the solution. We have already seen efficiency gains internally and a better customer experience. Now we continue the work of increasing revenue through the platform, concludes Christian.

161018_Rutherhagen_35 (1)  Christian Romero-Hamrin



  • "Litium has shown great commitment throughout the journey, and we feel very secure with the solution. We have already seen efficiency gains internally and a better customer experience. Now we continue the work of increasing revenue through the platform”

    – Christian Romero-Hamrin, CEO, Streckkod

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