Customer Success

We ensure that our customers can outperform their peers in digital commerce

We care about your success!

At Litium, we care about our customers and their journey towards success. We follow each one, solving problems, providing keys, unlocking doors, setting directions and establishing the right prerequisites for successful digital commerce.

Our Customer Success Program

We offer a three-level customer success program  so that all our customers can select the best solution for their needs. The levels are basic, extended, and full. All three include a dedicated Customer Success Manager, certain SLA, training, and  knowledge sessions.

We want to have long-term relationships with our customers. Growth, optimization and solution quality are three important components to achieve the success we're aiming for.

How do we achieve the goals?

Our Customer Success program starts with a kick-off meeting with monitoring and follow-up. Depending on the level selected in our Customer Success program, the project includes regular business meetings, recurrent reporting on both technical and business-related information and reviews performed for our customers. We base all follow-up meetings on relevant data and we always focus on areas of improvement and identify potential actions.

Standard training and knowledge sessions are both important components in the program to ensure that we constantly improve and optimize our customer's solution for their business and their employees. 

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