Headless & API-first

Future proof and flexible

You know for certain that business needs and technical needs will change over time. Litium gives you the flexibility to meet the changing demands efficiently over time, so you can build the customer journeys your customers expect.

A headless, API first and cloud-based architecture with unmatched flexibility strikes the balance of time to market and the needed flexibility to quickly adapt to new business needs. 


With headless commerce, backend and frontend are separated enabling faster development iterations. This makes it easier to react to new business needs and build unique customer experiences.


- Flexibility: Efficient independent frontend development facilitates quick updates to improve user experience
- Future proof: a separated frontend can more easily be substituted over time
- Omni channel: a separated front end makes it easier to add and serve several channels like the web, mobile apps and more


To support the customer journey you craft, several applications will need to communicate. Litium’s specialized and flexible APIs let’s you easily connect to needed business applications like ERP, payments, deliveries and more.


- Quickly connect to ERP, payments and delivery providers
- Flexible to easily add new abilities from the best vendors (best-of-breed)
- Future proof to easier add and remove new applications and presentation layers

Cloud based

Forget the old times with the hassle of buying hosting and talking to several vendors. Hosting of the platform and your solution is included in Litium commerce cloud. This let’s you focus more on your business. We’ll take care of the rest. 

Litium will never be the bottleneck for your growth, whether you grow by number of products, visitors, brands or markets.

We are proud to see how our customers have grown from millions to billions in turnover in the Litium platform. And they keep growing.

True flexibility

Except the flexibility of a headless, API-first and serverless cloud architecture, Litium has an unmatched flexibility allowing to solve the most challenging business needs. We have over a decade of experience in solving advanced customer needs and know the value of true flexibility. 


Case: Jollyroom

Headless, API-first and cloud - Q&A

With Litium as your e-commerce platform, you can go headless from the start or whenever you like.

Headless separates the frontend and the backend. This reduces dependencies between the two leading to faster development iterations.
Headless enables faster development iterations speeding up development in both frontend and backend. Headless also allows the flexibility to quickly adapt to new needs. You future-proof your commerce.
For a fast time to market we recommend the Litium React accelerator which is headless and communicates 100% via APIs to the Litium platform.
API-first means that great part of the software design focuses on the platform’s APIs to facilitate the integrations to other applications.
With a cloud-based platform such as Litium, hosting is included. This means that you don’t need to buy hosting from a separate hosting supplier.

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