Litium ERP integration

Remove risk and reduce cost

Secured performance and simplified maintenance 

The deployment of an e-commerce solution always entails a certain risk when integrating with other systems. Integrations are often associated with high costs, maintenance, and risk factors. This is especially true for integrations between ERP and commerce, as this is a business-critical connection. Litium’s ERP integrations remove the risk, reduce overall project costs and time to market, and simplify maintenance of your e-commerce solution.  

Risk reduction

Meet deadlines and cost estimates with standardized integrations and modern domain specific APIs.


Enjoy reliable performance in operational flows between Litium and ERP with asynchronous batch processing, ensuring optimal performance since each system do not need to wait for the other to finish processing before moving to the next task.

Cost reduction

Lower your initial project cost as well as your long term maintenance cost with a standardized ERP integration.

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More benefits with ERP integration

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Get easy and cost efficient maintenance with ready made integrations and modern domain specific APIs lays.


More benefits with ERP integration


Significantly shortened project time and a shortcut to the release date.

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More benefits with ERP integration


Adjust the platform to your business model and needs. Litium has a flexible and extensible business logic enabling you to maintain and focus on your business critical needs.


Microsoft Dynamics FO ERP Connector

Tailored to large and midsize companies in both B2C and B2B.

Remove the risk factor of the business critical integration to your ERP.

Lower the project cost and the maintenance cost (TCO) with a ready made connector.

Get faster time to market and spend your time on your business instead.

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