Training and certification

Learn more and work efficiently with Litium´s trainings and certification programs, specially designed for different titles. 

Litium Certified Developer

Gives you the necessary skills to develop on the Litium 8 platform and accelerator, as well as knowledge about the underlying architecture. Prerequisites: experience of Microsoft ASP.NET MVC development in Visual Studio 2019 or later.

Litium Business Consultant

Gives you knowledge of Litium´s products to meet customer needs and business goals. Platform concept and features, Litium Accelerator, add-ons and Best Practice Workshop. A one-day course. You need basic knowledge in e-commerce and web technologies.

Litium Sales Specialist

Gives you a thorough review of Litium's value offer and unique customer benefits as well as its method and process for successful sales. No previous knowledge required. The Litium Sales Specialist training is a one-day course.

Litium user training

Litium for marketers, product administrators and e-commerce managers. Learn to work with content, campaigns, products and order management and much more in Litium.

Litium Certified Developer / Business Consultant / Sales Specialist - December 13th 2021 13:00 (CET)

Certification test only. For you who worked in Litium projects, there is the opportunity to conduct a certification test.

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