Connectivity & Simplicity


Litium’s platform is fully scalable, providing the ability to handle a variety of visitors and large volumes of traffic. We also offer flexible solutions that can be tailored to the unique needs of each situation – so our customers can grow seamlessly from zero to millions of visitors without having to jump between platforms. Litium saves money, time and effort, which means that these resources can be used to grow the customer’s business instead.


A new customer experience

To provide a modern customer experience, your e-commerce platform needs to communicate with a many other systems, such as ERP, WMS and CDP. To enable this, Litium provides an integration platform, Litium Connect, with ready-made connections for many popular platforms and systems.

If you need a custom integration, Litium provides open APIs built with modern technologies. Our APIs cover all parts of our platform: CMS, PIM and Commerce.

Litium Connect

With Litium Connect, you can use open, business domain-specific APIs with entities, operations and events exposed through a REST API, and webhooks to quickly develop integration applications that are easy to deploy and maintain.

Litium transforms your e-commerce platform into the central hub for the data flows that support your customer’s journey.


The value of our tech-stack offer

We handle everything in our cloud as a service. Because Litium delivers the entire platform as a service, our customers can focus on their core business and the development of their customer experience.


Manage the entire solution

For example, our customers don’t need to handle complex hosting and scaling solutions when launching campaigns and experiencing large visitor volumes during peaks such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Litium’s tech stack helps our customers manage the entire solution.

  • This winter and especially the Christmas season demonstrated how important it is to have a stable platform with built-in flexibility. We were able to quickly scale up the entire environment to meet demand, which allowed us to handle all the traffic without compromising the user experience.

    – Niklas Dahlros, business developer, e-commerce at Vinga

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