3 benefits of using a PIM system

If you have an e-commerce store, you know how important it is to stand out from the crowd and be able to present your offer in the most attractive way possible. One of the best tools for doing this is a so-called PIM system.

With the PIM system, it becomes possible to have a dynamic product catalogue enabling you to present your products in an engaging and informative way. For e-retailers who want to develop their business, PIM is the obvious choice. Continue reading to find out why.

What is PIM?

PIM (Product Information System) can be described as a dynamic product catalogue that makes it easy to gather all information about all of your products in one place. What distinguishes PIM from a regular product catalogue, is precisely that it is completely dynamic. Here are three examples of benefits you gain when using a PIM system.

1. Make your store stand out

With the help of a PIM system, you can offer your customers a richer experience, regardless of channel. You can use video, images, and explanatory product texts to provide the customer with sufficient information before making a purchase.

A dynamic system can also handle connections and relationships between different products. When a customer views an item in your store, suggestions for related products are automatically displayed. Customers are also able to view what other customers, who have looked at similar products, have viewed.

2. Less hassle when updating and cleaning your store

PIM means that all your products can be presented in a uniform and correct way. For example, if you change the price of a product, or update with more images, you only need to make the change in one place.

PIM ensures that the correct information is displayed on all pages or advertisements where the product appears. When the product information is handled in one place, the quality increases, while you avoid duplication of work and unnecessary administration.

3. Simplifies the management of campaigns

As current and complete information for your product is gathered in one place, you are able to quickly create new campaigns. Those organising the campaign material do not have to look for pictures or descriptive texts. As a result of having a dynamic system, digital campaigns can be adapted so that unique offers are presented differently to different customers, based on their profile and behaviour.

Our PIM guide will get you started

We have produced a guide where you can read more about how PIM develops the digital business for B2C companies. The guide is a good start to begin planning your own implementation. Download the PIM e-tailer guide.

PIM Guide B2C

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