Industri Belos chooses Litium to enhance digital experience and streamline product information

Litium announces that Industri Belos, a prominent distributor of water and sewage products within the Indutrade group, has selected Litium as its new platform to enhance the digital experience and streamline product information management.

Industri Belos distributes high-quality water and sewage products from leading suppliers through wholesalers across Sweden. To streamline the process of managing product information internally, the need for a PIM (Product Information Management) system was evident. Litium was chosen, and the project is set to commence shortly.

"We have chosen Litium for its ability to streamline and enhance our internal management of product information. Litium helps us effectively manage product information internally through a powerful PIM system. This enables us to organize and distribute our product information to various channels and product groups in a structured manner, which is crucial for our operations," says Daniel Mattsson, CEO of Industri Belos.

There was also a need to seamlessly reach customers with product information through various channels and strengthen digital support.

"Litium also helps us improve our internal management of product information, that will enhance the digital experience for our customers. The platform facilitates smooth export and import of product information while its user-friendly interface appeals to us. It will strengthen our digital presence by facilitating the import and export of product information from various sources, including our industry database," continues Daniel Mattsson.

Toxic is the partner in this project.

We look forward to the exciting collaboration with Industri Belos. Warmly welcome to Litium!

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