Litium launches serverless cloud

Litium is launching a new technical architecture for its cloud service in Litium Commerce Cloud. This enables increased efficiency and flexibility for both customers and partners. With Litium's serverless cloud, built on the latest technology in cloud architecture, customers are offered the dynamics and scalability required in today's fast-paced e-commerce landscape.

Litium Commerce Cloud is already one of the most flexible e-commerce platforms on the market. By introducing Litium serverless cloud, based on container technology orchestrated through Kubernetes, along with its own new cloud API, customers and partners no longer have to worry about the complexity associated with running a mission-critical e-commerce solution. Everything can be smoothly managed via the API, allowing customers and partners to focus entirely on their areas of expertise.

"We have taken a full leap and offer end-to-end responsibility for the customer's e-commerce technology stack, which sets us apart in the market. This will be a paradigm shift where Litium can offer flexibility, scalability, and packaging in a perfect combination of PaaS and SaaS," says Daniel Hultgren, COO at Litium.

A beta version of Litium serverless cloud is released today, inviting partners to experience how easy it will be to work with Litium Commerce Cloud.

Thanks to Litium serverless cloud and its associated user interface, partners and customers now have access to the full capacity and flexibility of the Litium cloud with just a few commands. There are no limitations on the solutions that can be created in Litium Commerce Cloud. Everything from standardized packaged solutions with our Accelerator to fully customizable commerce solutions, such as composable commerce, can be created. This means that our partners do not need expertise in infrastructure and container technology, making projects even more efficient and allowing more time to be spent building top-notch solutions for customers.

"Providing our customers with the technical tools that make them winners in their markets is our primary driving force. By choosing Litium, business leaders give themselves the best opportunities for success regardless of market conditions, both today and tomorrow. I am pleased and proud of the team's innovative power and the continuously improved customer value that our platform delivers," says Patrik Settlin, CEO of Litium.

Patrik Settlin, CEO Litium


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