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Motillo is a consulting company that focuses on e-commerce and digital businesses. They have a clear commercial focus and are equally adept at talking business benefits with a management group as taking responsibility for translating these benefits into technology and design. The name Motillo is derived from the word motility, which means “the ability to be able to move by oneself”. We had a chat with Jakob Twedmark, CEO of Motillo, to find out more about their expertise and why they recommend our platform to their clients and how they got started within e-commerce.

The company was founded by childhood friends Twedmark and Jonas Kihlström in 2012 when Twedmark move back to Karlstad after working as an e-commerce consultant in Stockholm for a number of years. At the time, the market looked completely different and they initially began with a broader offering. However, within a few years, Motillo decided to specialize in e-commerce and purely work with various kinds of e-commerce assignments. 

In association with this, Motillo chose to partner Litium, to complement their offering with a platform that matched the needs of many of the companies they were in contact with. “We needed a platform that would be able to grow all the way with our clients and in so doing be involved from the start and become really knowledgeable about this technology,” Twedmark explains. “All our employees at Motillo are certified in Litium and already in our first year as a partner, we managed to acquire plenty of new clients,” he adds.  

One of Motillo’s greatest strengths is helping B2B companies make the step into the future by challenging their existing business models and sales channels. Something they have done successfully with a large number of clients. A typical example right now is that brands are choosing to add a direct consumer-facing sales channel, which enables them to increase their margins and at the same time gain valuable feedback from their customers. In such cases, Motillo usually starts by performing a strategic feasibility study, before moving on to look at platforms and technological solutions.

Litium – for whom and why?  

Twedmark explains that while this naturally varies from client to client, generally speaking they recommend Litium to both B2B customers with wholesale customers, and to retailers that also have in store sales. Another type of client they have identified as a successful match are brands that are passionate about their products and that want to hit the ground running when it comes to both online sales to consumers and to retailers. One example of this kind of client is the much hyped equestrian clothing company Uhipwear.  

Immediately after Uhipwear launched their new online store on Litium together with Motillo they released their new season collection. Martina Rosendahl, E-commerce manager at Uhip, explains how it went below;  

“The new collection caused a stampede to the online store at a speed that would have previously caused the site to almost crash. Now with Litium, you wouldn’t even think over 1,000 people were shopping at the site at the same time. The reasons why we chose Litium above all were the amazing campaign management possibilities and the platform’s PIM. Plus, we saw the excellent language management as a big advantage. We are going to launch our German online store very soon and I can honestly say that it is absolutely brilliant to work with.”  

Litium’s key concepts for the platform are fast, flexible and growth. How would you at Motillo say these concepts are manifested?  

“They describe very well the way we think the platform is and the level of ambition it has. Fast and flexible for us, is about how it enables the client to get up and running quickly. There are connectors and established Add-ons for Litium. It is dead easy to stay updated with the very latest additions,” says Twedmark. For him, growth is something that the platform keeps pace with and supports in terms of performance. Something that is supported by the Uhipwear experience above. “You can resolve everything in the platform. Clients are not locked in and you really can grow with Litium,” Twedmark adds on a final note.  

In addition to Uhipwear, Motillo clients that use Litium include Roswi, SEAB, Saburo Jeans, plus a number of exciting launches expected in spring.  

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