New headless architecture increases flexibility in Litium Commerce Cloud

Now Litium is introducing a new technical architecture for headless e-commerce in Litium Commerce Cloud that makes customers even faster and more flexible. The headless solution increases the flexibility and scalability of the service as well as the additional possibilities for smoother development of the customers' e-commerce solutions. 

- Litium Commerce Cloud is today one of the most flexible e-commerce platforms on the market, built on the latest technology with Microsoft .NET 6 and a complete tech stack with CDN via Fastly and search built on Elasticsearch for optimal performance. The completion with a headless architecture built on the latest frontend technologies such as React and Next.JS, gives our customers and partners every opportunity to succeed in their business, says Ludvig Block, CPO at Litium. 

 The new headless architecture is easier to work with due to the division of frontend and backend development, which today requires an increasingly high degree of specialized competence. This gives the customer greater flexibility when it comes to developing the design and usability of their e-commerce solution. 

 - It will be both easier and faster to adjust and introduce improvements in design and usability, without affecting other parts of the customer solution, explains Ludvig. 

 A beta version was released a few days ago and a brand new Storefront API, built on GraphQL is developed for unique degree of flexibility flexibility by using GraphQL Federation. 

The combination of Litium's already high degree of packaging and a headless architecture with built-in flexibility provides a unique prerequisite for Litium's customersto be both fast and flexible. And with the solution communicating through APIs, platform upgrades are also significantly facilitated. 

- Giving our customers the technical tools that make them winners in their markets is a guiding star in everything we do. Business leaders who choose Litium give themselves the right opportunities to achieve success regardless of the market landscape, today and tomorrow. The platform's flexibility is absolutely crucial when different situations require adaptability and speed in implementation, comments Litium's CEO Patrik Settlin. 

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