Litium launches Commerce Cloud

Litium wants to make it easier for companies to grow their digital business without limits and is launching a new concept that we call Litium Commerce Cloud. The offer enables fast growth for customers in both B2C and B2B through dynamic scaling and a focus on sales-driven tools. Litium Commerce Cloud includes a new growth-based business model along with a new version of the platform, Litium 8.

"In today's changing and challenging reality, it is important to quickly adapt your digital business. We see that our customers need technology and solutions that enable them to quickly scale up and act on new business opportunities that arise. They also want a solution that can be easily and efficiently adapted to their specific needs. Litium Commerce Cloud is built for growth. In addition, it is a flexible solution that can be adapted over time as their needs change” says Patrik Settlin, CEO of Litium. 

Litium Commerce Cloud is a scalable solution that makes it easy to grow both your product supply and enter new geographic markets through a technology that easily scales up and help customers reach their business goals.

The new version of the platform, Litium 8, includes many new features and tools. For example, a new campaign engine to drive sales, Litium Search and Litium CDN (powered by Fastly) for better performance and customer experience. To further facilitate integrations with Litium's platform, new APIs and Litium Apps are launched, which is a framework based on container technology for building apps with additional functionality. The flexible business model means that the technology scales automatically, as well as a pricing where the customer pays for what they use, and the sales generated through the platform. The new customer program focuses on working closely and long-term together with the customer to further accelerate growth through analysis of data and services for quality assurance and performance optimization.

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Litium Commerce Cloud

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