How do I increase the performance of my e-commerce with PIM?

We have previously written about PIM (Product Information Management) as an important tool to increase sales for your e-commerce. The world has digitized at a rapid pace and competition for products has increased from international players. It is important to have a well-organized and efficient e-commerce to succeed.

 With the help of a PIM system, you can significantly increase the performance of your online store, from creating a better customer experience to increasing sales. In this article, we will delve into best practice in PIM for what can make a difference for your e-commerce business.

Centralized product information

The foundation of effective PIM is centralization. By collecting all information about your products, from descriptions, images, pricing and specifications in all languages, in a common and unified system. This streamlines your handling of data and it creates uniformity and correct data in all your digital channels. It can be said that a good basis for a successful e-commerce is a well-organized product base.

The importance of automation 

See automation as a central part of e-commerce. With the help of a PIM system, you can automate tasks such as product lists and updates. In this way, you streamline the organization and save time, but at the same time you minimize human errors. In this way, you can free up resources that you can instead focus on other important initiatives and growth. 

SEO – the key to increased visibility 

Using search engine optimization (SEO) can increase your visibility digitally, so make sure your PIM system is friendly to the SEO engines. By structuring your content and product data in a way that search engines can easily crawl and index, you gain visibility. If you achieve a high ranking in search, it means more organic traffic, i.e. traffic without cost. Ultimately, this results in more customers and potential customers visiting your eCommerce store. 

Decisive with good product descriptions and pictures 

Engaging product descriptions and high-quality images are important to attract and convert customers to purchase. With PIM, you can enrich your product information with the help of detailed information, descriptions, specifications and images. But it is important that your information about the products is also engaging and not just informative, it should highlight the benefits and uniqueness of each product. Also read our previous post about how you can use AI to create hight-quality product descriptions.

Also enables cross- and up-selling

If you want to increase revenue by increasing the average order value, a PIM system can help you identify the opportunities. This by suggesting accessories or related products. In this way, you can encourage the customer to look at more options and to add complementary products to their shopping cart. 

Personalized customer experiences 

One key to winning customer loyalty can be to make the experience targeted and more personal. Here you can use the PIM system to segment the target audience and tailor product recommendations as well as send targeted messages depending on preferences. By understanding your customer and their behavior, you can have a better impact and create personalized experiences online. 

The importance of the right data 

Incorrect product information can lead to frustrated customers and lost sales. It is therefore important that you regularly review and update the data you have about your products. Review prices and specifications, as well as stock balance. This is especially important during promotions or during periods when traffic is particularly high.

Important when choosing a PIM system 

When choosing PIM, make sure you choose a system that can grow with your business. Think about what you need in the future and make sure that you don't need to change systems to enter several countries or your business model changes. Your PIM must be able to add new products, new categories and assist in a good way if you want to add more countries. Make sure that you can develop and that your PIM system is flexible to meet changing needs. 

What opportunities are there for integration? 

An important part is that you can easily integrate the PIM system with, for example, your CMS, e-commerce and ERP. The integration is of the utmost importance to ensure that the product information is updated everywhere in all channels and reduces the risk of different information in different places. 

So using a PIM and centralizing your product information can increase the performance of your ecommerce store. For example, through personal and customized experiences and through optimized SEO (keyword optimization). PIM is a valuable piece of the puzzle in an e-commerce. Hope you got a little more information and an introduction to PIM. If you want to know more, you are welcome to contact us, we are happy to discuss.

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