7 benefits of using AI to create high-quality product descriptions

Companies with digital commerce have long been aware of the challenge of managing large volumes of product descriptions. The product catalog is often not only extensive but also dynamic. Handling thousands or sometimes millions of products manually requires considerable time and resources. This challenge can now be addressed by integrating AI into your digital commerce.

1. Manage large volumes of products simultaneously 

Writing a good product description is not difficult. However, doing it for thousands of products at the same time is quite a challenge. A smart and fully integrated AI system generates the text where and when needed, completely automated.

2. Save time and reduce costs 💰

For a human content writer, it takes about 50 hours to write 200 product descriptions. Artificial intelligence can accomplish the same task in just a few minutes. You save both time and money that can be allocated to other projects.

3. Have high-quality content in the original language

AI has no problem with accurate translations. However, there is an issue with poorly written original texts. The point is that AI doesn't even need to translate. It generates real-time content in all imaginable original languages. Just upload your industry-specific glossaries, and you'll have the right words every time, regardless of the language.

4. Increase conversions with SEO-optimized content 📊

With the help of AI, all product texts can be SEO-optimized. Furthermore, you can ensure your best product categories have tailored landing pages. This way, you can significantly increase the likelihood of improving the visibility of your product catalog on search engines like Google and Bing.

5. Simplify management through automation

With minimal information, artificial intelligence can create a multitude of high-quality product descriptions. Using PIM (Product Information Management) data, the integrated AI system automatically builds customized and finalized product descriptions. They are fact-checked, SEO-optimized, and in the original language. The amount of text is adjusted based on the channel it will be presented on, such as a page for your suppliers, distributors, retailers, or social media.

6. Reflect the company's tone of voice in the texts 

The correct input is required to ensure that artificial intelligence creates good product descriptions. This can be achieved by combining AI with training texts from experienced content writers. It becomes a perfect blend of creative copy and smart technology. This solution allows for varied results that capture the company's tone of voice.

7. Reach more markets and grow globally 🌎

A fully integrated AI system automatically generates content in the desired language, enabling you to offer your products in different markets and reach customers in their language. Being visible in the right language to the appropriate customer group makes a significant difference in creating a sense of local presence.

But, are there any risks with AI? 🤔

The significant risk of using artificial intelligence arises when it is used without control. You do not want AI to generate product descriptions if it lacks access to the correct information. You also want to avoid repetitive texts with obvious and revealing patterns. To avoid these pitfalls, it is advisable to add copy from experienced copywriters to train the AI engine.

Learn more or see our recorded webinar about Engine AI, a game changing solution for secure and cost-effective high-volume product descriptions.  If you want to learn more about PIM (Product Information Management) you can read about 3 benefits of using a PIM-system or how you can increase your sales with the help of PIM


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