Hilfa chooses Litium for international expansion

Hilfa is a leading Swedish manufacturer of standard components and individual solutions and offers a wide range of products such as levers, handles and cover plugs. They have a comprehensive standard range with more than 300 main products with a total of 7000 variants.

Almost three years ago, Hilfa, formerly LB-plast, moved its operations to Hillerstorp in Småland as they had an increased interest from the international market. In connection with the move they also changed their name. LB-plast did not work internationally, while Hilfa is a brand that can be traced to the large range the company markets, and a name that fits much better internationally, says Per-Johan Hildingsson, CEO of Hilfa.

Hilfa first came into contact with Litium through Toxic, one of Litium's Premium Solution Partners that implemented the platform at Hilfa's parent company, Swede-Wheel. Per-Johan says that in the first stage they actually had plans for a competitor to Litium. But when they compared the result for Swede-Wheel and saw huge differences in the actual cost of the two platforms they changed their mind. “Litium has a more expensive start-up cost than several other platforms but is much better in the long run. When we have calculated the future cost, we clearly see that despite Litium's superior functionality, it will be cheaper in the long run than the other platform we looked at” Per-Johan says.

Thinking about the content and what needs to be procured and how it can affect the TCO, total cost of ownership, in the long run has been a key for Hilfa to find the right platform. Per-Johan points out that they learned a lot from Swede-Wheel what they needed to think about when procuring. 

For Hilfa, there needs to be clear specification, filtering and function for functional image search. Since Hilfa has over 7000 SKUs in its range, it needs to be easy for the customer to find what they are looking for.

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