Akustikmiljö choose Litium for a seamless product flow.

Akustikmiljö, part of Götesson's Design Group, has chosen Litium as a platform for its continued investment in e-commerce. The web agency Toxic is responsible for implementation. Akustikmiljö has more than 30 years of experience in acoustic products as well as solutions for offices, schools, sports halls, public environments such as restaurants, hotels and studios. The company has, among other things, developed EcoSUND, a sound-absorbing material made from recycled material.

"It looks very promising" says Emil Johansson, CEO, Götesons Design group about the cooperation.

 Integration with existing business systems

To take the e-commerce to the next step, Akustikmiljö needed a new e-commerce platform, as the current solution did not have the desired functionality. Therefore, a PIM solution, advanced filter function and a PDF generator are being implemented together with Toxic. Litium e-commerce platform is also integrated with existing business systems to create more efficient workflows. Customers who visit Akustikmiljö's new e-commerce will experience seamless product flows, an improved product information, easier navigation and an appealing interface - everything that is expected of a modern e-commerce.

Do you want to know more about Akustikmiljö, or more about Litium's e-commerce platform with PIM integrated? Feel free to contact us at curious@litium.com.

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