Accelerating in Norway!

Litium is represented in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We have now strengthened the team in Norway with a new star seller, Hans Audun Sørensen. It's great to finally have Hans on board and although he got an unusual start depdending on the corona situation, he has already found his place in the team. Warm welcome Hans, we all look forward to meeting you irl when these crazy times are over. But until you get the chance to meet Hans, as you can get to know him a little bit here.

Please tell us short about yourself and your background?
I have worked with sales and management for almost 12 years. For the past 6 years I have worked for a start-up (WeOrder) with app-ordering technology for the Food and Beverage market and a company (LifeVision / NG Dialogue AS) with a communication platform for, among other, customer clubs for retail, the training industry, the car industry, etc.

In my private time, I play a lot of Bandy in the winter time and I like to keep myself active with cycling, running and more in the summer. I have a wife and a wonderful daughter who turned 2 years on April 13.
What made you choose Litium?
What is very exciting is the opportunity to continue to build up Litium in Norway. I have experience from building up sales organizations for the last 6 years so this fits me very well. Litium has a unique and innovative platform that I have not seen before. We have a lot to offer the Norwegian market.
What do you think you will add?
I will bring a lot of good sales knowledge, how to build teams and how to keep a good pace. I can also help develop lead generation for Litium and the platform so that Litium will become the first choice.
What are you most looking forward to?
I am most looking forward to the end of corona time so that I get to meet my dear colleagues in Sweden. Otherwise, I look forward to introduce customers to Litium so that we can succeed in Norway.
If you want to get in touch with Hans,  you reach him at

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