Succeed with your e-commerce -  tech guidelines and security measures


In the rapidly growing world of e-commerce, having a well-maintained technical infrastructure is crucial to ensure smooth processes and optimal security. Here are some key points to consider to maximize your e-commerce success.

1. Take control of your tech stack

To ensure efficiency and security, it's important to have complete control over your tech stack. Identify which systems are needed to support your company's specific processes and where these systems should be run. It's also important to clearly define responsibilities for each part of the stack.

2. Consolidate your stack with fewer providers

To avoid complexity and improve clarity, it's advantageous to consolidate as much of your tech stack as possible with a few reliable providers. However, it's important to be strategic in this process to ensure that each part of the stack is managed efficiently and securely.

3. Security is paramount

Given the increasing threat landscape, it's crucial to have robust security measures in place for your e-commerce platform. By conducting a thorough risk analysis and having a well-defined process for handling security issues, you can minimize the risk of potential threats.

4. Lifecycle management and ongoing maintenance

Ensuring that your e-commerce platform is continuously updated and tested is crucial to protect yourself against security issues. It's important to have a clear process for lifecycle management and to budget for ongoing maintenance after the project is completed.

5. Internal IT impact and additional security measures

It's important not to overlook the impact of the internal IT environment on your e-commerce solution. By being aware of potential risks, such as crypto viruses, you can take appropriate measures to protect your solution and ensure continuous functionality.

By following these technical guidelines and security measures, you can increase the chances of success in e-commerce and minimize the risk of potential threats and issues. Remember to continuously monitor and update your tech stack to stay ahead in the fast-paced digital world. Want to read more about tips for succeeding in your e-commerce? Read our previous blog post here.

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