Presenting Spot On – the consultancy firm that hits the target!

Welcome to part number two of our series, where we present our six premium solution partners. This time around, we celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the consultancy firm Spot On, the founders of which all have a background with Litium. The company was founded in 2011 by Andreas Engman, Niclas Frid and Fredrik Richter, who are all still with the company in different operational roles today. After their tenure with Litium, the trio immediately went on to found Spot On so that they could continue in the area of e-commerce and customer development, but with a broader focus. Of course, the Litium platform and the stability it offered formed the backbone of this new endeavor.

We sat down with Spot On’s marketing director Julia Runfeldt to talk more about Spot On, the e-commerce sector and the importance of their collaboration with Litium.  

Julia joined Spot On almost five years ago, bringing with her over ten years of experience in complex IT sales in the telecom sector, IT hardware and web agencies. At Spot On, Julia is primarily responsible for all aspects related to marketing, but she also has a lot of direct contact with customers, while maintaining a dialogue about their business.  

Julia says the inspiration for the name Spot On, which has a bit of a novel feel for companies in the sector, came about one summer evening the same year the company was founded. The three founders were mulling over names of the yet unnamed company, one of whom was binge watching the TV show “Wheeler Dealers,” where old run-down cars were restored, and the mechanics would always declare “Spot On!” And the name of the company was born! 


The name kind of rolls off the tongue and is a pretty commonly used expression today when you want to say that something is just right, which of course adds a little something extra, says Julia. The company is currently hard at work with “Whats your spot?” which relates to employer branding, something that is especially relevant with the ongoing pandemic when most employees are working remotely.  
Right from the start, Spot On’s ambition has been to deliver top-notch digital projects at a great value to the customer, a vision they continue to deliver today, some ten years later. They were a very tech-heavy company right from the start, says Julia, who also points out that it is still one of their main strengths. “We don’t shy away from integrating with different systems or ensuring that major mergers between companies’ platforms work from a technical standpoint. What the company gained over the years is a broader perspective, which has allowed us to also assist our customers with, for example, business development, strategy, analysis, UX and design. Simply put, we offer the whole package in e-commerce,” she points out.  

Partnering with Litium was an easy decision, not only because of the founders’ background but also because the .NET technology is “our common language,” Julia concludes. As she describes it, Litium as a platform is very near to their hearts, as it offers a complete solution for companies that value fast time-to-market in a flexible platform that allows them to continuously scale up. “Litium’s platform allows you as a company to do as much – or little – as you want. They will never be bound by what other companies require or do in the platform, which I think is a very big advantage. There aren’t that many platforms that allow you to start small-scale and then accelerate your sales sharply during certain seasons or during the highs and lows of business cycles” concludes Julia.  
Spot On acknowledges its strength in both B2B and B2C – but they primarily work with customers who are active in both worlds. These are companies with websites aimed at attracting private consumers to promote sales, but who may also sell through resellers and physical stores. It can be complicated doing business that way, with everything from balancing impulse purchasing and inspiration with rich product content, which is something we are very good at. A few examples of these companies are the Tapwell Group, the Habo group, Ballingslöv, PacsOn, and Swedese, which are all on the Litium platform.  
Given the current pandemic, a joint customer project between Spot On and Litium that must be mentioned here is the customer Dynamic Code. They have been on an amazing journey in the last year, says Julia. As a Covidtest supplier, including analysis, the pandemic has caused the demand for tests to skyrocket. Dynamic Code accounts for a large share of Sweden’s Covidtests through regions and private entities, such as Kry and MinDoktor. Here, Litium is the backbone for the web presence, where the e-commerce business is directed towards private individuals, but also as a kind of integration engine with most other portals for resellers and partners. The need to manage medical data places high demands, both on us as partners and on the platform, Julia concludes. 

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