New member to the team - Welcome Seyamak Arkannia

We are proud to welcome another star to Litium – Seyamak Arkannia,⭐ most known as Sia. Sia will be part of the commercial team, responsible for the area of Enterprise customers and strategic partnerships. He brings lots of experience from digital commerce from customer projects both in the Nordics and internationally. Below he tells us a little bit about his background and why he came to join Litium:

My professional background is somewhat mixed. After my university studies in Jönköping, Taipei & Monterrey, majoring in international business, I started working within business development in the consumer electronics industry. 🔌 A couple of years later I changed path and turned towards digital commerce, first as a developer and later as UX-architect & advisor. Prior to joining Litium I worked as the Head of Digital Commerce at Knowit Experience in Malmö.

After being on the consulting side of digital commerce I have had the opportunity to work with the implementation of several different platforms in 30+ separate client projects. In the last couple of years, I’ve really been impressed with the direction that Litium has taken, and I believe that the platform has the capacity to drive growth for business all over the Nordics & globally. So, when the opportunity to join Litium showed up it was an easy decision and with the release of Litium Commerce Cloud, I know that I joined the right company at the right time.

I love collaborating with partners and clients to create great customer experiences and develop their businesses and growth.♥️ As a person I would describe myself as a team player who is very solution oriented, driven and determined.

In my personal time I enjoy spending time with my family and balancing that with the excessive number of hobbies that I have: Playing football, watching football, ⚽ running, cross training all the way to cooking, watches & coffee.

Warm welcome Sia and please reach out to Sia if you want to talk more about digital commerce over a cup of coffee. ☕

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