Litium launches new features and integrations

Today Litium announces 3 news in our platform that help companies further drive sales in digital commerce.

1. New discount types to increase sales

We launch three new discount types in Litium 8.1. The discount types are "Buy x products, get discount on cheapest", "Free gift" and "Mix and match". Read more about 8.1 here

2. More product reviews via Lipscore add-on

Lipscore help you collect and display product ratings and reviews from your customers, that help you gain credibility and increase sales. With smart features and highly effective interfaces, Lipscore has a market-leading response rate of 20%.  Learn more about the Lipscore add-on here.  

3. ChannelEngine connector

Let customers increase their sales by easily connecting Litium to marketplaces all over the world. The ChannelEngine connector enables the merchant to publish products to ChannelEngine and automatically create orders placed on marketplaces in Litium. You can read more about ChannelEngine here.

Do you want to know more or have questions, please contact us here or at


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