Huski Wear partners with Litium to support rapid global expansion

Huski Wear, a new direct-to-consumer brand in ski and activewear, has selected Litium’s platform as a valuable tool for growth and the realization of the company's global ambitions. The opportunities presented by the new platform will allow the company to experience a rapid, seamless expansion.

The newly launched brand avoids intermediaries altogether, with its exclusive focus on digital sales directly to the end consumer. Huski Wear creates stylish, functional garments for customers who plan to travel to an alpine destination any time of the year. The initial product range features skiwear, but the product portfolio will be expanded in 2021. Huski Wear has corporate ties to Huski Chocolate.

Huski Wear was founded by Magnus Liljeblad, Lena Claesson and Jonas Olsson, all of whom have solid experience behind them in the fashion and sports industry and a background in brands such as Peak Performance, Henri Lloyd and Sportmanship.

Magnus Liljeblad, co-founder and CEO of Huski Wear, has this to say about the decision to choose Litium’s platform: “We knew right away when we saw the Litium product demo that it was the right fit for us. Litium covers all of our needs and allows us to quickly switch into a higher gear and drive the online store forward. The platform offers globalization support, which is extremely appealing to a company with our ambitions. Since we also plan to sell to alpine clubs and destinations in addition to our direct-to-consumer sales, we have found the ideal match in Litium's B2B support. And building an aesthetically pleasing, attractive website is absolutely essential these days, and we see tremendous opportunities to do that with Litium. Taken as a whole, the needs of our company make us very confident we made the right choice,” he concludes.

Patrik Settlin, CEO of Litium, gives his take on the new collaboration:

It is always gratifying when a company with the kind of drive and ambition that Huski Wear has chooses our platform. We see it time and time again, that companies with high e-commerce ambitions turn to Litium to help them move forward on their journey towards becoming a world leading brand, and that the scalability and simplicity of our platform is attractive for fast-growing companies. And what is extra exciting is that André Myhrer, who is a big idol for many people in the ski world, has chosen to promote the brand.  We look forward to helping Huski Wear on their journey towards becoming a global player.


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