Here is how you can quickly improve results in your e-commerce store

The competition for new customers and retaining existing ones is challenging. Creative campaigns can go a long way, but focused campaigns can give you that extra edge. To achieve this, it is necessary to dare to think on a smaller scale and compose campaigns that really hit the spot.

Here are some tips on how to create campaigns that cut through the noise and really reach your target audience(s).

Do one campaign at a time

The major digital platforms have made it easy to build and manage campaigns yourself using their self-service systems. It is quick to create an account and you can start your marketing campaign in just a few minutes. Of course, simplicity is a good thing, but at the same time, it can be tempting to launch several campaigns in parallel.

Our suggestion is not to be too quick to start new campaigns before you have really worked through the first one. It usually takes longer than you might think to learn how to optimize a campaign so that it produces a positive effect.

If you have many campaigns running at the same time, it becomes much more difficult to understand which measures affect the result. Especially when each campaign can contain a variety of different ads.

Do not rush - give each campaign time to breathe before starting the next one.

Focus only on a few products for each campaign

Even if your store contains many products, it may be wise not to run promotions for all products at once. General offers and discounts only lead to a lower profit.

Instead, create campaigns that are based on different themes, which are linked to what is current at the moment. The classic ones are, of course, themes based on seasons or holidays. Do something exciting and use your creativity to pick up an intriguing and not so worn-out theme suited specifically for your target group(s).

The next step is to select a small number of your products that complement each other and resonate with the theme. When you then launch a more niche campaign, it stands out better, and your offer becomes clear to the customer.

Vary both theme and bundled products to become relevant over a longer period.

Focus on one target group at a time

Marketing that is too broad and caters to everyone is often perceived as not being relevant to anyone. Therefore, it is smart to have a limited and well-defined target group in mind.

To succeed in reaching your customers, you need to get to know the people you intend to communicate with. Start with a specific target group that you want to sell to. Give your target audience a name, then start collecting data about how they think, feel, and behave. 

Through research, you quickly get a better feel for which messages and reasoning you should use to reach the target group. Then use the insights to craft your campaign messages.

With analysis of the target group, you reach further than the competition.

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