Commerce “Punchout” from Shopspray now available to Litium customers

Shopspray's product provides companies the opportunity to offer their corporate customers the same engaging and smooth e-commerce experience, as the one they are used to, from when shopping privately. In the B2B store, the range is presented with a great deal of product information. Availability and possible choices are automatically updated depending on current stock and agreed prices. The purchase itself is initiated from the customer's own purchasing system/ERP, via Litium's regular shopping cart. When the customer checks out, the order placement is automatically transferred to the customer's purchasing system/ERP order workflow. Shopspray is now available to users of the Litium e-commerce platform through the installation of an add-on program.

Employees who make purchases from procured suppliers should be offered an experience that is as simple and smooth as when they shop privately. Through the integration of Shopspray's product, all Litium users who sell B2B can provide their customers with a much better experience,” says Patrik Settlin, CEO of Litium.

Punchout is a way for B2B merchants to offer a rich and smooth shopping experience, even when the customer is shopping via their own purchasing system. This means that the customer starts in their own purchasing system but is redirected to the retailer's store where the purchase is made, in the same way as you shop in a regular consumer-oriented e-commerce store. The customer automatically sees the correct price, range and stock information for the goods available for purchase. When it is time to check-out, the customer is connected back to their own purchasing system where the actual order is handled.

In addition to giving both retailers and customers a better experience, Shopspray's product also replaces the need for manual order management, as well as the updating of prices, available products and specifications. All product information contained in the merchant's PIM (Product Information Management) system from Litium will be available to the merchant. When the retailer adds products or changes the range, the customer's purchasing system is updated with current information.

We are passionate about B2B purchasing being just as smooth, digital and fast as it is when shopping as a private consumer. The collaboration with Litium is a big step for us to reach out to many more retailers,” says Sören Handlos, CEO of Shopspray.

The solution is already available to Litium's customers, and only requires the installation of an add-on program and a contract with Shopspray. As the Shopspray solution is installed on the company's existing Litium platform through a ready-made module, no additional development work is required.

Want to know more about how you can use Shopspray's punchout solution with Lithium? Then you are welcome to contact us.

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