Why choose Litium’s PIM?

When you choose to go with a Product Information Management (PIM) solution, you get a powerful platform that allows you to effectively manage product information. Peter Nilsson of Spot On works in project management and business development. Each and every day, he uses online marketing strategies to help customers grow their business, an area where the PIM question is often a central part of the project. What are the benefits Peter sees with Litium’s PIM?

“One of the main benefits is the whole package,” says Peter. With Litium, you get PIM, CMS and e-commerce all in one platform. You have one login in a single tool with the same look across all features. It greatly reduces the administrative burden.

Get up and running quickly with simple implementation

Peter also highlights the ability to use Litium’s PIM immediately after installation.

 “Rather than having to write your own code to set up product templates and product features, you are able to take advantage of so-called field frameworks. This means that you can quickly change the structure in categories, change data, language, etcetera, to design the PIM according to your needs.

Flexible product management and category management – in real time

Litium’s PIM can be integrated with CMS and e-commerce platforms, which means that updates are visible everywhere immediately. Dynamic product lists create relevant product selections for customers based on real-time information – from current stock levels to previous customer behavior. The customer sees relevant products and offers – presented at the right time and in the right channel. “Another aspect you need to consider is to ensure that the PIM you choose has good performance,” says Peter.

- Choose a PIM that can handle a lot of data. For example, Litium’s PIM has no limits in terms of how many products it can handle. This means it will not slow the load speed for the site to which the PIM is linked, and it is quick to search for products. This is obviously important for an e-commerce site,” says Peter.

Easily manage media with smooth workflows

Integrated media management provides support for a seamless, automated enrichment process, which shortens time-to-market and saves manual labor. Intuitive processes and workflows allow you to more easily and efficiently manage your entire product range.

- “Having an integrated solution facilitates internal processes and makes it easier to divide up the workload,” says Peter. One employee can add an image and someone else can add text, but all in the same place. Being able to easily update and publish information in turn leads to simple, well-defined work processes. The result over the long term is that the end customer receives clear and accurate information.

Integrated price management

The advantage offered by integrated price management is that you do not have to retrieve information from other systems. Litium’s solution offers full support for product variants, customer-specific prices, staggered discounts and package prices – ideal for those active in B2B. And the solution can be expanded. So, if you have a special functionality you use for pricing, you can add to this. When you are able to manage all product information from one place, duplicate work decreases and the quality of the information increases, while the risk that incorrect information will be presented is eliminated. 

Facilitates smart publishing in multiple channels

Being able to simply manage products and offers in multiple channels is a must for today’s e-retailers. But the Litium PIM allows for integration with both the e-commerce platform and CMS, which offers tremendous flexibility. You can easily publish relevant offers with the right information in the right channels – whether it be e-commerce, the web, marketplaces or social media. And, of course, you can also change the language depending on the market.

Training and fast support

We also had the opportunity to ask Ludvig Block, Chief Product Officer at Litium, how he thinks Litium’s PIM differs from the competition in terms of support and training. 

“We offer several levels of training: both on a technical level and custom      trainings for those in marketing, product management and e-retail. The latter is a popular training option where you learn the most important and useful features in Litium, so you can quickly get started and be working in your own solution.”

Ludvig adds:

“For the customers’ peace of mind, it is also important to have efficient and accessible support. Our customers can contact support during normal business hours in Sweden and get quick solutions to whatever problems arise. All to ensure that their e-commerce efforts run smoothly without interruption.

Are you interested to know more about PIM? Download our PIM-guide. Here you find it for B2B and B2C.

Or contant us directly on curious@litium.com.


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