When things go well for the customers, things go well for us

At Litium, the customers' success is the most important thing, which is why we have created a Customer Success Team, whose job it is to help customers get the most out of their cooperation with us. In this interview, Mercedes Karacsony tells us what they do, what the value is for Litium's customers and what a typical day at work can look like.

What does the Litium Customer Success Team actually do?

We are a team that is part of Litium Customer Excellence, where support, expertise and Cloud are also available. We are responsible for the entire life cycle of our customers. Our task is to strengthen the relationship with customers and ensure that they get the most out of our services. We onboard new customers, guide them and have ongoing follow-up. In addition, we are a connection point between Litium and our partners. The more in sync we are with the customer's partner, the better the overall customer experience will be.

Above all, our job is about being our customers' mouthpiece and remaining proactive. We inform our customers about new functions in our services and help them further develop their business with the help of data, experience, and our collective expertise. Through ongoing follow-up, we can also catch potential problems faster and help prevent them. We do everything we can to always be one step ahead.

How do customers benefit?

The big advantage is that each customer is paired with a dedicated contact person who genuinely cares about their business and to whom they can always turn. If problems arise, we can quickly connect the right expertise both internally and externally. We have a large network of contacts in digital commerce that we are happy to use and share. 

The team was created three years ago, and we have gradually built up the processes. One part of that is our new Customer Success Program, where there is a clear structure for how we step by step help customers reach their goals. The entire program is developed based on the experiences we have with our customers over the years. In this way, we can best meet their needs at different times during their journey with us.

In addition, we continuously work to develop and improve our services. Recently, among other things, we have started to offer “Knowledge Sessions”, where we invite experts in specific subjects to share their knowledge with our customers.

What does a typical day look like for you in the team?

It can look very different, so there are probably no normal days. But usually, the day starts with a shorter team meeting to check if anything special has happened and if someone needs help with something. Periodically, there are many meetings booked with both customers and partners as well as various collaboration meetings. Most of it takes place digitally, which is very efficient, but we like to meet in person as well.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job? 

Wow, there are many things that make work fun! One thing that stands out, however, is meeting with all different types of people and the challenges that come with it.

Then, of course, it's fun to be a part of the journey and see the customers grow as a result of our collaboration. The industry itself is extremely exciting due to the rapid development. It is not without reason that I have worked 15 years in digital commerce. Last, but not least, it is great to hear that the work we do is appreciated by both customers and partners, but also by colleagues.

You can read more about customer success here: https://www.litium.com/customer-success


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