Unique product launches increases demands on the e-commerce platform

Influencer marketing and unique product launches have become a way for e-retailers to increase their sales and build up their own brands. Nordicfeel greatly invested in the strategy and recently conducted a perfume campaign with Linn Ahlborg, one of Sweden's major YouTubers, influencers and bloggers. The collaboration led to a record-breaking number of visits and the resulting rushes on checkout made great demands on the e-commerce platform. In partnership with Litium, Nordicfeel was able to manage the high traffic from the launch, even exceeding Black Friday levels.

In the ever-competitive landscape of e-commerce, it is more important than ever to stick out of the crowd and reach consumers in new ways. Influencer marketing has become a normal part of many actors’ marketing strategies and is something that has led to increased sales for perfume and beauty giant Nordicfeel. 

“Today, influencers are a successful aspect of our marketing strategy. We have quite a few long-term collaborations with major influencers such as Bianca Ingrosso, Ida Warg and Maja Nilsson-Lindelöf. When our influencers talk about products they genuinely like it increases our credibility and generates a bunch of best-sellers,” says Julia Bergenstråhle, e-Commerce Manager at Nordicfeel.

How to handle a high number of visitors on your website

Nordicfeel's most recent major influencer collaboration was with Linn Ahlborg who, in collaboration with Nordicfeel, developed her own perfume, Hot Shot but Hotter, the sequel to Hot Shot. The campaign not only generated a whole lot of product monitoring from interested consumers but also a whole lot of hype on social media, not to mention a record number of visits. 

“It was fantastic to see the interest this campaign generated and how quickly the perfume sold out. There were a huge number of people monitoring the perfume and once it was released, the number of visits exceeded Black Friday levels,” Julia Bergenstråhle tells us. 

Investing in your own perfumes and brand is part of a long-term strategy for Nordicfeel, who continue to differentiate themselves on the market. 

“Private label is incredibly important when there are so many actors on the market. We are using this as a way to create an identity and stick out. At the same time, it helps us to further strengthen the fragrance category, where we are already strong, and to build our profile as a fragrance destination,” Marcus Johansson, Vice President and COO of Nordicfeel tells us.  

How to ensure a good user experience despite large volume on site

High-focus campaigns such as the collaboration with Linn Ahlborg put a lot of technical demands on the e-commerce platform there to ensure a good user experience regardless of great volumes of visitors. The campaigns can generate up to five times the traffic and still, visitors the site to load quickly. Nordicfeel chose Litium as their digital commerce platform to enable flexibility in peaks during launches and events such as Black Friday. 

“The platform itself is flexible and has a stable core that Litium is constantly developing. The functionality of the platform can also be expanded when needed and offers quick access to new services that can help increase and control customer personalizations. When new functionality appears in the industry, you need to be on your toes. Flexibility becomes increasingly important,” Björn Carling, CTO of Nordicfeel concludes.


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