The right partner is key to quickly get started with digital commerce

At Litium, we are often asked how long it takes to get started with digital commerce. Lately, we have also been asked if it would be better to wait now that times are so uncertain. The answer to that question, of course, depends on the circumstances of the person asking. But many people are surprised at how quickly things go if you push the project forward, in the right way.

To find out more about how to proceed, we spoke with Seyamak Arkannia (aka Sia) at Litium. Sia has extensive experience in helping clients with their ventures.

Is it common for companies to hesitate before investing in digital sales channels – that they feel a little insecure?

Yes, it happens that companies delay getting started because they perceive the challenge to be bigger than it really is. In some cases, a lack of internal support can also make it difficult to get everyone onboard. Sometimes, it can even be about a fear that some existing departments may not be needed anymore once you have launched your digital commerce site.

Instead, a new digital channel should be seen as a complement or part of the existing organization. It is not at all about something disappearing or being replaced, but about increasing the number of opportunities to run a profitable business. The digital business is especially important when the company operates in a highly competitive market or when experiencing a recession.

With a new channel, new business opportunities surface, and the number of potential customers also increases. Many are often surprised by how quickly it was possible to go from nothing to a fully functioning and profitable online commerce site.

What first step do you recommend companies take?

If you are a company that is thinking about opening a digital channel but feel that you lack the right knowledge to get started, there is help available. My recommendation is to speak with an advisor or strategist and identify what steps need to be taken. There are many competent consultants and agencies out there that can help. 

We at Litium are happy to arrange an unconditional meeting, where together, we go through which processes and technical preparations are required. We have helped many companies launch profitable digital sales, and we have a solid grasp of how to set up a project in the best way. Often it is more about chiselling out internal processes rather than technology. Many find it a little unexpected that the technology is not what takes the longest, nor is it the most difficult to identify a suitable location for. Of course, our experts at Litium will help with the entire process so that everything is done in the right order, and with the right preparations so that everything goes smoothly.

Is it important that companies offer their customers the opportunity to shop digitally today?

I see the digital offer as a strategic tool that complements the company's traditional business. If your business is in a competitive market where the majority have digital commerce, and you don't, it's like fighting with one hand behind your back.

In addition to increasing the potential customer base, it is also about serving a new generation of buyers who are used to doing everything online. It is not natural for them to pick up the phone to make contact. If there is no option to check your selection and offers online, it is easy to be overlooked. It must also be remembered that a digital presence provides increased customer satisfaction, better transparency, and an improved level of service. So, it is not only about sales but also creates other added values.

What are the advantages of using Litium as a platform?

The time required to get started with Litium is shorter than what other suppliers can offer. That's because we built the platform so that all the standard features required are in place from the start. For example, Litium comes with functions designed to easily present products in a rich and attractive way, a so-called PIM system.

With our built-in accelerator, you are able to get started with a basic site with the right functionality in a flash. Litium also has ready connections that are used to integrate with the company's existing systems and tools, for example with business systems.

 Litium is especially suitable for B2B commerce with ready-made functionality for attestations, flows and differentiated price lists. As the platform already has so much functionality, the customer can focus on their business, rather than making things work. This saves both time and money. Litium is so flexible that it can be tailored based on each customer's specific needs.

Which types of companies is Litium’s platform best suited for?

We have many different types of customers using our platform. From small and medium-sized companies in both consumer and B2B, to large e-commerce giants that are worth billions. The beauty of Litium's platform is that you can start on a small scale and then gradually scale up as turnover increases. The scalability means that there is no risk of outgrowing the platform and being forced to energy-consuming and costly changes when the digital business is growing.

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