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Litium and RamBase have formed a strategic collaboration to offer digital commerce integrated with ERP. We spoke with Seyamak Arkannia at Litium and Odd Magne Vea at RamBase to understand the implications of this collaboration and how customers can benefit from it.

According to Litium's annual report, “Nordic Digital Commerce in B2B 2022”, 67% of B2B companies report that they use digital channels for their sales process. Wholesalers are ahead of other segments, where 91% state that they use digital channels for sales. Digital commerce continues to grow strongly in the B2B segment and companies need a reliable, industry-specific solution to manage their needs to digitize their business.

The report has shown the changing needs within the market over the past several years. A recurring issue and obstacle for companies is the difficulty of integrating e-commerce platforms with ERP systems. The collaboration between Litium and RamBase will provide customers with the tools they need to secure their growth strategy and satisfy the demand for digital business.

"We see several similarities between the companies, both in terms of technology, compatibility and also how we think about future architecture," says Seyamak Arkannia, Director of Strategic Partnership at Litium. "We both have a cloud-based platform, and we also see many similarities between several of our prioritized customer groups."

Seamless integration of best-of-breed players

This collaboration means that customers will not have to choose between locking themselves into a giant system or trying to connect two incompatible systems with different third-party solutions. Now they can have a first-class ERP system that is fully integrated with a world-class e-commerce platform.

Although the collaboration is relatively new, the two companies have already started working on integrating the systems.

“A big advantage is that we are now dealing at the right level, without any intermediaries. Systems experts are currently working to make sure everything functions flawlessly,” says Seyamak Arkannia, Director of Strategic Partnership at Litium. Odd Magne Vea, Chief Sales Officer at RamBase, adds, “This means customers can be confident that the integration has been correctly built by both companies. We can also iterate and further develop both platforms gradually without losing functionality.”

Long-term cooperation with the customer in focus

Several pilot projects are already planned to begin after summer. The goal is to have a strong offer in place by late autumn.

“This does not come a day too soon for customers. Now we can help them accelerate their businesses and really take advantage of investments they have already made,” says Odd Magne Vea, Chief Sales Officer at RamBase. He continues, "We integrate our platforms from the ground up, which means we can highlight all the fantastic functionality that already exists in the systems and make both better."

Both leaders highlight the long-term and in-depth implications of the collaboration. Creating opportunities for customers to successfully develop their digital businesses is the primary goal of both Litium and RamBase.

If you would like to know more, please contact Litium or contact RamBase.

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