How to optimise your e-commerce for Black Week

With Covid-19 still being a global issue, social distancing continues to be the norm. The changes in shopping behaviours are clear, as more people resort to using their laptops and mobile devices to carry out their purchasing needs. As Black Week is approaching, we wanted to give you some handy tips on how to optimise your e-commerce before the yearly shopping extravaganza.

Black Friday is notorious for chaotic scenes, as people try to get the best deals for items they, or their loved ones have longed for. The great deals also contribute to a significant increase in impulse shopping.

Obviously, this is the prime time for companies to capitalise, looking to clear inventories for the upcoming holiday season. What started off as only a one-day event, has now become a week of intensive shopping, putting a high amount of strain on businesses, and now more than ever on online business. So what should you consider when preparing for Black Week?

When it's on, it’s really on

Your website needs to be able to handle high amounts of traffic while performing at an optimal level. The last thing you want is for your website to go down in the midst of all the action. Customers expect a smooth and flawless experience, so that they can purchase their items before they are out of stock. If the high levels of traffic cause the platform to slow down or crash, a lot of potential customers will not return. You must secure a solid platform which allows any and all fluctuations in sales.

All hands on deck

From purchase to delivery, all your team members need to be ready to act quickly and efficiently. Customer support, packaging, distribution, returns, and any other steps in the chain, have to all be on target if you hope to outperform the competition in terms of customer care. A negative review will affect the entire customer experience regardless of how well your platform is performing.

Flex your muscles during peak sales

Black Week, Christmas and summer sales are all peak periods during the year when your e-commerce platform needs to adapt. Even smaller businesses see a significant increase in sales on Black Friday, where many experience triple digit growth. Being able to immediately adapt allows you to expand and minimise when needed. Save money and resources by seamlessly accommodating every unique situation.

Embrace all sales devices

Allow your potential customers to make purchases on the devices they feel most comfortable with. Smartphones are more popular than ever when it comes to online shopping. According to a survey by the Swedish Trade Federationnearly half of Swedish shoppers purchased their products online last Black Week, many using a mobile device. With growing numbers like this, businesses must be able to accommodate this mobile shift in shopping behavior.

How can Litium help you during Black Week?

Litium’s modern, online platform is designed to extend beyond traditional limitations. Offering unique customer experiences, Litium will help you develop your digital commerce in your own creative way.

Perhaps most importantly, with Litium, you will not have to worry about your site crashing during peak sales periods. Lithium provides a reliable, limitless, global cloud platform, and is designed to be able to facilitate shopping from all digital devices.

Set your business up for success by contacting Litium today, and find out how we can help optimise your online presence.

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