Göhlins chooses Litium to enhance its competitiveness in e-commerce.

Göhlins, a full-service provider in the industrial area, has chosen Litium as its new e-commerce platform. As a family-owned provider of industrial products based in Gnosjö, Göhlins serves businesses throughout Sweden.

With over 100 years of experience in the industry, Göhlins has always strived to continuously adapt to meet customer needs and deliver the right solution quickly and efficiently. However, they faced the challenge of maintaining and further developing an existing site that was difficult to manage. To take their e-commerce to the next level, Göhlins realized the need for a modern e-commerce platform with a solid foundation for future growth.

The choice of Litium was made because of its ability to handle the extensive product range without limitations on the number of items and enable easier maintenance and development. Litium offered a solution with a robust foundation that Göhlins could build upon to expand its business.

The goal is for visitors to Göhlins' website to get more clear product information, easier navigation, and an attractive interface that enhances the customer experience. Additionally, to make it even more accessible to customers across Sweden, from individual firms to larger companies, as well as to provide a more dynamic approach depending on the type of customer and the functionality requirements they have.

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