Say hello to our new stars in the marketing department

At the beginning of the year, we welcomed Jakob Eriksson and Linnea Sundberg to our fantastic marketing team. Two curious and adventurous fitness interested persons who thrive when there's a lot happening all at once. But why did they choose Litium, and what are their thoughts about the latest trends in digital marketing?

Let's start from the beginning

With a background from Lidl and the music industry, one might wonder why Linnea ended up with us at Litium. It's not strange at all when you think about it. Although digital commerce is relatively new to her, Linnea is an ambitious person who is more than capable of juggling many tasks. A curious go-getter is a perfect fit for Litium's profile. It's also a bonus that she is passionate about ensuring customer satisfaction.

 – I have always been curious about trying different things. What's so exciting about Litium is that it's a very flexible and scalable e-commerce platform that is always looking for new ways to enhance the user experience for its customers, says Linnea.

Litium's e-commerce platform is not news to Jakob, who now finds it refreshing to return to the "platform-side-of-things” again.

– I previously worked as a web producer at Gudrun Sjödén and thought the platform was excellent. Since I come from an agency background where I have helped other companies with their digital adverstising, it's fun to be back on the client side now," Jakob explains. 

A “typical" day in the marketing department

For the marketing department's small but close-knit team, all days are different (except for comments about typos on various pages, Jakob adds with a smile). Jakob's typical tasks involve target audience segmentation, advertising work (SEM/Paid Social), web content, SEO, and analysis.

– We collaborate a lot within the team, having meetings and creating strategic plans for our future marketing initiatives, says Jakob.

Linnea also highlights the team and its importance to her work. But what are her primary responsibilities?

­– Everything from strategic planning to strengthen the brand identity to developing marketing plans and campaigns to attract customers to the platform. This includes email marketing, advertising on social media, and working with search engine optimization, Linnea explains.

Great questions abound

Both Jakob and Linnea get asked questions regularly by their coworkers. Jakob gets asked about advertising and audience targeting.

– There are many ideas and thoughts about specific target audiences, which is fun. My usual response is that – we test and evaluate, he says.

Receiving questions is common when working in a marketing department. It's part of the job. So, Linnea what question is most common for you?

– When will the invitation for the next webinar arrive?

Always full speed ahead – and a lot is happening right now.

At Litium, things never stand still. Much has happened, and a lot is in progress. Jakob enjoys the dynamic environment and highlights the successful webinar with Didriksons as an example, which even broke records.

– It became the webinar with the highest number of registrations ever – so amazing, says Jakob. 🏆

Recently, Litium released its annual B2B report. A report that summarizes all the insights about the driving forces and the latest trends in e-commerce for various types of B2B companies. Jakob worked on both the design and advertising related to the report.

Linnea is also not one to shy away from a busy schedule.

– Oh, there's so much going on! But there is also so much we want to do, hence we must prioritize.

 In addition to the B2B report and the webinar with Didriksons, Litium recently presented an innovative AI solution together with EngineAI. Integrated into Litium's platform, AI can simultaneously create and manage many high-quality product descriptions.

Artificial intelligence - the hottest trend in digital marketing?

AI is the obvious answer for Jakob when asked about exciting trends in digital marketing right now.

– It's exciting to see how AI technology is increasingly used in marketing to streamline and automate previously time-consuming and manual processes. AI technology can be used to predict customer behavior, automate email marketing, create dynamic ads, and even improve search engine optimization.

Jakob also mentions the issue of data privacy. How to reach your target audience with current and upcoming regulations is an essential and highly relevant question. Linnea emphasizes the importance of measuring data to gain more significant insights and ultimately make better decisions.

... and the absolute best thing about Litium?

Varied workdays and the feeling of being appreciated are definitely not bad.

– I feel both important and appreciated, and I also see the results of everything I do, which is not always the case in other companies. I think my colleagues are great, and having such a wide range of tasks in my work is wonderful, says Linnea.

Jakob agrees:

– It's fun that we are relatively small because it feels like I make a difference and that my contribution is important for Litium. Since so much is happening all the time and there is no template for what is right, all ideas are welcome. Also that we test and evaluate our activities helps us to choose the right path.

Enjoying exercise – and celebrating victories too

Exercise is more or less synonymous with being part of Litium's marketing team. Linnea, who loves to stay active, thinks it's great that the whole team shares this interest. Exercise and good food are everyday luxuries that both Jakob and Linnea recommend to anyone who wants to get more out of life.

– Also, I believe we should not forget to celebrate victories, not just when we reach the finish line of a project but also milestones along the way. It makes everyday life extra enjoyable, says Jakob.

After the upcoming summer, new challenges also await.

 – We are moving to a new office, which I look forward to. I will then organize our housewarming party that also coincides with Litium's 10th anniversary as a product company, concludes Linnea.





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