Everything begins with Litium

Our passion is providing a smarter and simpler platform for e-commerce that helps our customers grow. Since we started the company in 1998, we have helped companies get digital. And early on, we realized the importance of e-commerce for successful entrepreneurship.

Our name, Litium, was one of the first elements formed in the Big Bang, a parable connecting with the energy in everything we do. And what we hope that our customers will achieve with their digital sales.
12 Feb

February 1998

The start

Four friends from Jönköping realise that the Internet is more than a fad.
All companies will want to have their own website. And so, Litium was born.

21 May

May 2008

E-commerce is integrated in the platform

While other companies continue to invest in websites, Litium launches a standardized
e-commerce platform.

12 Sep

September 2012

Pre-built online stores

Litium launches its first complete online stores - more packaging than customising!

23 Apr

April 2013

From consulting to product company

Litium becomes a product company as partner iStone takes over the company's consulting business. This enables Litium to focus strongly on developing its network of partners and increasing the pace of developing the successful e-commerce platform.

20 Apr

April 2014

Premiere of Litium cloud service

Litium On Demand - a cloud service that provides customers access to business-critical
e-commerce in the cloud - is launched and becomes a great customer success.

2 Sep

September 2015

Litium advances with new capital

Litium raises new capital for investments in product development and ventures on the growing e-commerce market.

29 Apr

April 2016

Litium goes public on AktieTorget

Following Litium´s initial public offering (IPO) the company received close to 900 new shareholders and 24 million SEK.