Everything begins with Litium

Our passion is providing a smarter and simpler platform for e-commerce that helps our customers grow. Since we started the company in 1998, we have helped companies get digital. And early on, we realized the importance of e-commerce for successful entrepreneurship.

Our name, Litium, was one of the first elements formed in the Big Bang, a parable connecting with the energy in everything we do. And what we hope that our customers will achieve with their digital sales.
12 Feb

February 1998

Litium hits the ground running!

The company is founded

21 May

May 2008

E-commerce is integrated into the platform

While competitors continued to invest in websites, Litium launched a standardized e-commerce platform.

12 Sep

September 2012

Turnkey online stores

Litium launches its first turnkey online stores – more package-oriented than customized.

23 Apr

April 2013

From consultant to product company

The consulting part of the business is divested as part of a strategic transition to an e-commerce software company that works hand in hand with external implementation partners and suppliers of complementary products and services

20 Apr

April 2014

Litium’s cloud service makes its debut

The first cloud service Litium On Demand is launched

2 Sep

September 2015

Litium invests new capital

Directed share issue and preferential rights issue are carried out, raising approximately MSEK 14 before share issue costs

29 Apr

April 2016

Litium is listed on AktieTorget (Spotlight Stock Market)

New unrestricted share issue prior to listing on AktieTorget is oversubscribed and raises approximately MSEK 24 for the Company before share issue costs
Litium 5 is launched
The e-commerce cloud service Litium Growth Cloud powered by Klarna was launched in partnership with Klarna at the end of the period

1 Jan

January 2017

Litium signs an agreement with the business consulting company Knowit

The company signs an agreement with the business consulting company Knowit, which becomes an implementation partner

1 Oct

October 2018

Litium 7 is launched

Litium 6 is launched in February; Litium 7 is launched in October

1 Jan

January 2019

Litium closes a number of new deals with respected brands

New customers during the year include Houdini, Didrikson, Aura Light, Eleven and Revolution Race

1 Jan

January 2020

Litium raises new capital, signs a global partnership with Columbus and lands its first customer in Denmark

Q1: Litium carries out a directed share issue totaling MSEK 40 before share issue costs
Q2: New customers: NTM, Tibergs Möbler, Thunderful Group. Signed on to a global partnership with Columbus Q3: Litium lands its first customer in Denmark

16 Dec

December 2020

Litium is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market

Litium (LITI) is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.