Litium Add-ons

Ready-made integrations to save time and ensure quality


Connecting the dots

Compose the tech stack for your unique needs and preferences by using ready-made integrations to all essential systems, from payments and ERP to AI-powered product recommendations and intelligent search capabilities.


Quickly model your composed tech stack with ready-made integrations and extensions.


Enjoy robust integrations that are built and tested to excel in high-performance scenarios.


Adapt to changing business needs with rapid remodeling of your tech stack.


More benefits with Litium Add-ons 

Competitive e-commerce

Use the industry stars in each domain to reach your business goals. Experiment and remodel to make sure the solution is 100 % suited to your needs.

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More benefits with Litium Add-ons 

International e-commerce

Increase conversion in different countries by selecting user-preferred payment solutions from a wide range of payment provider add-ons.


More benefits with Litium Add-ons 

Personalized e-commerce

Add an edge with AI-powered product search and product recommendations to grow your sales.

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More benefits with Litium Add-ons 

Future proof ecommerce

Be ready to take on the high-speed evolution of technical e-commerce solutions with ready-made connectors.


Why Litium Add-ons?

It should be easy to maintain each system without having to compromise on using the best systems for your business. This creates a challenge; development to meet changing digital needs can be expensive and maintenance can be difficult.

Therefore, Litium applies a so-called best-of-breed strategy, where we collaborate and create add-ons with the strongest suppliers in the industry to make sure we always offer the latest knowledge and insights in digital commerce. 

  • Litium has numerous functions, such as target groups, but with the Voyado add-on, you can fine-tune segmentation even further and create even more personal content and adapted customer communication.

    – Daniella Johansson, E-Commerce Manager, Didriksons

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