Spot On

We are passionate about e-commerce and like to work with agility and data-driven. We call our work MLP, Minimum Lovable Product, where we work with 1) a clear measurement plan, 2) Idea generation, to 3) Prioritize and detail and finding 4) early business benefits, we constantly follow up actively working with 5) Continuous improvement, based on 6) Data-driven development - a clear and simple model that helps us, and especially our customers, to constantly improve.

At Spot On we always work centered around our client's business, together with our customers. "Together" has proven to be a success factor. Our customers reach their targets much faster, and it also becomes more fun to work - for all of us.

Our staff of 40 people have a background in e-commerce, web, BI and business development. The company has been around since 2011 and started in Jönköping, and now also has offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm.


  • Malin Sandström
  • +46 0724-675020


  • Jönköping