Oslo Digital

Oslo Digital was founded in 2020 by e-commerce expert Filip Elverhøy and multidisciplinary artist Edmond Yang as a response to an uncovered market potential. Extensive experience from leading some of the largest e-commerce initiatives in the Nordics has harvested an exceptional knowledge of the challenges within e-commerce and retail.

By combining the latest technology within digitalization with e-commerce, and marketing with innovation, Oslo Digital is a full-service agency for those who aren’t afraid of disrupting the norms. Our expertise ranges from content creation such as photo, text, and video production, as well as online visibility such as SEO and SEM. We always focus on the customer journey thus develop a user-centric framework in all our projects and implement an omnichannel perspective in everything we do.

In Oslo Digital we walk the walk with our clients by developing everything from brand identities, marketing strategies, front- and backend solutions and personalized web design based on the client’s criteria and needs. Including Virtual Reality in real estate is e-commerce for us. Developing virtual art centers and museums is e-commerce for us. Entering the metaverse with endless trading opportunities is e-commerce for us.

Using Litium as the framework, we have developed complexed omnichannel retail chain store with B2B, B2C, head offices with independent retailers and franchise structures and owned stores with multi language/multi-currency for the Nordics.


  • Filip Elverhøy