Since the start in 2009, Maksimer has delivered e-commerce solutions to our customers where customer experience and conversion optimization have been in focus.

At Maksimer we have expertise that allow us to live with our customers through their whole growth journey. This means that we not only have technically skilled developers but also expertise that ensures that you can get support in improving and increasing sales in your digital commerce. We can support you in everything from digital marketing to how you create better routines and continuity in your work, all to increase our customers' ROI.

Integrations are usually a central part of developing an e-commerce. We have our own integration platform that we use to create and maintain integrations. This means that we already have extensive experience of integrating with both ERP, payment solutions and CRM systems.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your company to create an e-commerce that exceeds both your and your customers' expectations.